About LearnOuts.com
"Constructive alignment starts with the notion that the learner constructs his or her own learning through relevant learning activities. The teacher's job is to create a learning environment that supports the learning activities appropriate to achieving the desired learning outcomes. The key is that all components in the teaching system - the curriculum and its intended outcomes the teaching methods used the assessment tasks - are aligned to each other. All are tuned to learning activities addressed in the desired learning outcomes. The learner finds it difficult to escape without learning appropriately."

LearnOuts.com aims to put Learning Outcomes at the core of teaching and learning. Our goal is that students should always carry out an activity (such as labs and coursework) knowing exactly what the module leader expects them to be learning by doing that activity. If you have enjoyed using this app, and think it has helped your learning, please do let us know. Similarly, if you have suggestions on how to make the app even better, we would love to hear from you!

Dr Paulo Oliva